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Unit 12


Fitting the Jigsaw Together


10a. He is becoming a doctor again.

10b. He has more pride and is stronger than before. His whole posture has changed.

10c. Yes, an example is when we do hear of people doing superhuman feats.


15. Lucy and Mr. Lorry. It suggests that they are planning something.


19. They are going to kill anyone no matter if they are Nobility or Peasants. Anyone that seems against the Revolutionary is killed.


20. Before the Trial they want to kill Darnay. At the end they let him go because of Manette.


21. They treat it as a savior and call it her. Its fun for them. They make jokes about it, they donít feel as though they are killing people. Talking about manís brutality to man,it creates a living hell.


22. The Carmagnole is a symbol for the savagery of the people.