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Name:  Van Der Weide, Jacob Gibson, Michael Heffernan, Nick Skibicki Stephen aye, Ryan Velarde

                               Period  6 




As you read A Tale of Two cities, be sure to answer these questions. You'll find them helpful to the purpose and the understanding of the novel. Please respond in complete sentences.



1.      How is Mr. Manette described?



2.   What does Mr. Manette spend his time doing with his hands? Why is he in a trance  while doing this?



3.    Who does Mr. Manette briefly recognize?





4.        In whose arms does Mr. Manette sob?



5.     Is it true that Madame Defarge sees nothing? Why not?




6.  What dream comes back to Mr. Lorry as the three leave Paris?


Book Two


1. What is Tellson's Bank being compared to?

 A Dungeon.


2.       What is significant about descending "two steps" to go into Tellson's?

Its like going into a place that has been dead for a long time. A type of hell and is uninviting. Crypt like.  


3.       What does "putting to death was a recipe much in vogue" mean?

Putting people to death was the fashion and it was commonly done.


4.   What types of crimes In England were given death?

Almost everything including treason and murder.




5.        Describe Mr. Cruncher and his son.

            They are similar in appearance, he is rough looking. And he has a short temper and is a little stupid. His son is fat and blond, his name is little Jerry Cruncher.


6.              Why does Mr. Cruncher get upset with his wife?

She was praying (flopping) and he thought she was praying or plotting against him.  


7.       What clues are you given that he secretly digs up the dead at night? 

            Everyday when he waked up his shoes are all muddy, and when he goes to bed they are not. Also every morning his hands are all rusty.






8.       What punishment(s) will be given to the traitorous prisoner?

            He will be killed.




9.       What is above the prisoner's head to "throw the light down upon him?"

            A mirror.




10.     Who are the two witnesses in the court brought to speak against the witness?

            Dr. Manette, and his daughter.





1.         What metaphor does Dickens use to describe the people in the court?

            He uses flies,  because they buzz. They are hoping for someone to die.



2.       What has Mr. Darney done, according to the judge?

            He was a traitor. He traveled between England and France, he cannot give am account of what he is doing. One person said that he had prised George Washington.



3.       What slanderous comments does Lucy say against Darnay?

            She says that he spoke well of George Washington in a praising manner, but said that he said it jokingly and only to keep the conversation going.



4.       Who notices that Lucy feels ill?



5.              Who is "recalled to life?"

Darnay was acquitted. If he was proven guilty he would have been killed.



6. Why is the chapter entitled "A Disappointment?”

            The man proved guilty was not killed.






1.            How does Dr. Manette look at Darnay after the trial?

                       He looks at him with a fear, and slight terror. It takes him back to almost where he was making shoes.


2.            Who is "The Golden Thread?"

                       Mrs. Manette, she is called this because of her golden hair.

3.       Why does Mr. Lorry get upset with Mr. Carton?

            He is a drunk. Carton doesn’t care about himself, completely free of any illusions that he can be anything other than a drunk.

4.        How does Sidney Carton feel about Darnay?

            He does not care about him. He hates him, he wants to be just like him.



5.              To whom do both men toast?


6.              How does Carton finish his evening?

He goes and gets drunk. Drinks a lot of wine and passes out.


1.        Who is the Lion?

                        Mr. Stryver

2.       Who is the jackal?

                        Mr. Carton

3.            Who do you learn was the genius behind saving Darnay?

                       Mr. Carton


4.       What does Carton call Lucy? (Golden_____________  ______________)

  He calls her a Golden Haired Doll

5.         Write the 3-4 BEST sentences of Dickens' that describe the tragedy of Carton's   

          Unfulfilled life.

                       “Carton was there, with his hands in his pockets, staring at the ceiling of the court; they went the same Circuit, and event there they prolonged their usual orgies late into the night.”

“He had his slippers on, and a loose bed gown, and his throat was bare for his greater ease.”

“He had that rather wild, strained, seared barking about the eyes.”                   





1.      Where does Mr. Lorry go for refuge on Sundays?

           He goes to Dr. Manette’s House.

2.       Mr. Lorry tells Miss Pross he is worried about Dr. Manette. Why is he worried?

            He tells her he is worried because Dr. Manette keeps everything inside himself and even keeps his shoe making stuff.


3.       What does Darnay say that physically upsets the doctor?

Tells him about the Dig art work. He talks about people who have written messages about their captors in secret.

4.       Who is the visitor that comes after Darnay?

Carton comes after Darnay.

5.       What is this strangely mood/ visitor's prediction about this group?

The prediction suggests that we will end up in France in the middle of the revolution.

 The prediction is at the end of the chapter.