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Script for interview


Interviewer: Hi, this is John Dent. I’m here with Brutus from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. I’m here to reveal this amazing mans’ motivations. So Brutus you are considered to be the main character in this play am I correct?


Brutus: Well… yes I suppose so.


John: So Brutus if you are so honorable, can you explain your reasoning behind assassinating Caesar?


Brutus: Well John, even before I killed Caesar I had a guilty conscience. I at the time believed that killing Caesar was going to be for the good of my country and fellow citizens.


John: Do you still feel the same way, or do you have some regret?


Brutus: I now feel that killing Caesar at that time was wrong and not honorable. I feel that we should have waited until he actually took the crown and not killed him on the assumption that he was going to take the crown.


John: So do you still believe that Cassius is a good, honorable person.


Brutus: No, I feel that he corrupted me and tricked me into joining this assassination party. He fooled me into believing that it was for the good of the country and not for his own personal reasons.


John: As we have already said you are very honorable and have good morals, where do these traits come from?


Brutus: Well I am a believer in Stoicism, which means I live my life to the fullest and to be the best person that I can be. I think that philosophy greatly affects my morals and personality.


John: It is said that you try to help others before yourself, is this assumption true?


Brutus: Yes, before Cassius corrupted me I would help the others before myself. When Cassius told me of all my good qualities I started to do things because I was honorable and not just because I was nice and helpful.


John: Before Cassius was your “mirror” did you ever think of yourself as honorable, or the things you did as good/honorable?


Brutus: No, I never thought of what I did, I just did them because I wanted to help the others that were less fortunate than me.


John: You killed Caesar, what was going though you mind before/during/after you killed him?


Brutus: Well John, even before I stabbed Caesar I was having these seconds thoughts or regrets, but I forced myself to do it because it was for the good of my beloved country. While I was stabbing Caesar with my dagger I was thinking this is for the good of my country, they will think me as a hero and even more honorable. Right after I killed him I felt good and that I had saved my country from an absolute ruler and slavery, but then a while later, after my good friend killed himself, I realized that the people I committed this horrific crime with were doing for their own selfish reasons and not for the country as I was led to believe. I could not bear that thought and decided to kill myself, and I knew in death I would be honorable.


John: When you joined this conspiracy, did you have any idea that the others were doing this for their own reasons and not for the good of Rome?


Brutus: No, I had my own feelings that this conspiracy was wrong, but I had no idea at the time that the others were not for the good of Rome.


John: Well we are out of time, thank you Brutus for coming here today and talking with us. This is John Dent reporting for H.I.T. (History International Television).