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TP-CASTT A Noiseless Patient Spider


Title : A Noiseless Patient Spider – I predict this poem will be about a spider.


Paraphrase: This is a poem about a spider preparing and then creating its web.

This is all about a person trying to make connections with as many people as he can so he can feel like he has a place and is not alone in this world.


Connotation: The spider is creating its web so that it can catch its prey and survive another day. Imagery. The spider creates is web to survive, just as the author is saying that you need someone to stay alive, because if you are all alone you will not enjoy life.


Attitude: The attitude in this poem is that of admiration, longing and hope, which is shown by the authors imagery and diction.


Shifts – The authors attitude is constant throughout the poem.


Title  The title of the poem A Noiseless Patient Spider, is about how the spider, even though small and “noiseless” still wants to feel safe and wants to live life.


Theme – The poet is trying to say that you should try to make friends no matter how shy and quiet you are so that you can enjoy life.