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“The Crowning of Arthur”

  1. Chivalry/Heroic Tradition: A hero must serve Justice.

     Summary of event: Arhtur pulled the sword from the stone and had all of the commoners on his side. He then had the lords come in and put the lands back into the correct owners.

      Connection: He was fair and redistributed the land back to the way it was when his father was in power, making it fair and equal.

2. Chivalry/Heroic Tradition: A good Heroic person is brave.

   Summary of event: Arthur took the crown that was supposedly his by right.

   Connection: If you suddenly go from a noble mans’ son to a King you can be fairly shaken, Arthur went straight into dividing the land fairly. He also just found out that he was adopted.

  “The Marriage of King Arthur”

  1. Chivalry/Heroic Tradition: Arthur is loyal to his lady love. 

Summary of event: Merlin tells Arthur that she would not be all for him, and that he could find a better looking and more worthy wife, but Arthur chooses to stay with his love.

Connection: Arthur even thought he is told his love will cheat on him and that he can have a better looking women who will suit his needs better, he still chooses the one he loves.

2. Chivalry/Heroic Tradition: Merlin is true to his promise.

    Summary of event: Merlin says he will go get Arthurs’ wife to be, and he does.

    Connection: Merlin stayed true to his promise to Arthur.

“The Adventures of Sir Launcelot”  

  1. Chivalry/Heroic Tradition: A knight must be loyal to ones king.

Summary of event: Sir Ector fought Sir Taurquine for adventure and lost. He was offered freedom and his life if he would go under this Sir. Ector said “Nay.”

  Connection: Sir Ector was loyal to his king by not going under another person as his King, even though it could mean his life.




2. Chivalry/Heroic Tradition: A knight must have Prowess.

Summary of event: Sir Tarquine had many other good knights shields in his yard.

Connection: Sir Tarquine had beaten all of these very good knights, therefore must be an excellt fighter.


Part B: Provide information on each character’s family background, and any significant actions or events associated with them.


1. Arthur: Arthur is the son of King Uther, and also because he was able to pull the sword out of the stone.   

2. Gwynevere: She is the daughter to Leodegrance and also becomes the wife to King Arthur.

3. Igraine: Ingraine is the mother of King Arthur, Wife of The Duke of Tintigail.


4. Uther Pendragon: Arthurs father, he was a King but he lost his power after he used Merlin’s magic to get Igraine in bed.


5. Merlin: A wizard, chief counselor to King Arthur, helped Uther seduce Ingraine.


6. Morgan le Fay: King Arthurs Half sister, she is a witch.


7. Sir Launcelot: Arthurs best knight, he and Arthurs wife go to bed together and thus sets up the end of Camalot.



8. Duke of Tintigail:



9. Leodegrance of Camilyard: Father to Guenever, step-father of King Arhtur, had the round table.


10. Sir Ector: A knight of the table round, gets beaten by Sir Tarquine.



11. Sir Kay: Kay is the Son of Sir Ector, Arthurs step-brother.



12. Sir Tarquine: Brother to a man Launcelot slayed in battle. Defeated by Launcelot.


13. King Bagdemagus:


14. King of North Galys:


15. Sir Percival: A knight of the round table.


16. Sir Gawain: Another Knight of the round table.


17. Sir Lyonel: A apprentice to Lancelot.

    18. Excalibur: Sword of the true ruler of the King of England. Made at the beginning of time by the lady of the Lake. 

19. The Holy Grail: The cup used by Jesus Christ at the last supper.