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Focus on Fiction


The origin of the word Fiction can be traced to the Latin word fingere which means “to make up or invent.” Two major types of Fiction are novels and short stories.


Characters are the individual people that participate in the story. There are main characters and minor characters. The characters can be dynamic characters that change as the story progresses, or static characters who remain the same the whole way through.


The setting is where the events in the story happen, it is a certain time, place, or setting. It can be very important in a story or can just be background information in others.


The Plot is the chain of events that takes place in a story, otherwise known as the writers’ blueprint for what will happen. There are many different types of plot such as Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, and Falling action.


A theme is a important message or idea that the author is trying to convoy to you thought his/her novel or short story. Some Fiction pieces are for entertainment only and have no Theme or message to convoy. They are not normally stated directly to you, you have to read carefully and think about what you have read. To help you find the theme of a novel you can Review, Skim, and Think about the title of the selection.


Some strategies for reading fiction are to Preview, Visualize and Connect, Observe and Question, Predict, Clarify, Evaluate, and Reflect.