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Chapter 18


  1. Who does Miss Pross feel would have been a better bridegroom? What clue have you learned here?

She thinks that her brother Soloman would make a better bridegroom.


  1. Why does Dr. Manette go into a trance for nine days?


He is worried and upset about Lucie’s marriage to Darnay, because his daughter married the person who put him in prison.


Chapter 19


  1. Why do Lorry and Manette speak of the Shoemaker in 3rd person?

They speak of him in third person because he doesn’t want him to go into a relapse.


  1. What does Lorry give Manette about maintaining the shoemaking materials? He might go into a relapse.


  1. How do Lorry and Pross eradicate the materials once Dr. Manette joins up with Lucie and Charles on their honeymoon? They buried the leather and tools, burn the bench, a and crushed the table.



Chapter 20


  1. What two requests does Carton have or Darnay? He asked if they can be friends and if he could be forgiven.


  1. What does Lucie teach Darnay about Carton? That he has problems, but he deserves more consideration and respect. And that he has a heart.



3. What is Lucie like as a character? She is very pure, compassionate, angelic, she is perfect.