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Caesar Project Statement of Intent


††††††††††† With this audio project I hope to examine and show Brutusí positive and negative parts of his complex character. Brutus, once in on the conspiracy basically takes over and makes all of the main decisions, such as to not kill Antony. This decision in the end turns out to be the conspiratorsí downfall. He decided to let Antony live because of his immense honor. He did not want more deaths than there needed to be. His honor is one of his strongest traits, it is a very good trait to have, but Cassius tells him of his honor and when he is doing things such as killing Caesar he is doing it because he knows he is honorable and not because he feels it is a good or right thing to do. He is corrupted into believing killing Caesar is for the good of Rome, because he is a very trusting person and can only see the good in people. The only real negative trait of Brutus is that he is too good of a person, he is so good and trusting that he cannot see the bad or evil of anyone. That is shown when he lets Antony speak and does not even stay to hear what Antony is saying, because he can not believe that Antony would do anything against them. Brutus has a guilty conscience even before he kills Caesar, somewhere inside of him he felt that this was not the right thing to do, but because he knows he is honorable, he was corrupted, he felt that he had to do this for the good of his country. When he finally realizes that killing Caesar was wrong and not honorable he decides to kill himself, by running himself though his sword. He plays a very significant role in this play. He is the main character and the leader or decision maker for the conspiracy; he was the one that decided to not kill Antony like the others wanted to. He is also important because he helped in the planning/killing of Caesar. Through this project I hope to portray Brutus as a hero, a man who truly tried to do what was best for his Country, rather than for himself.