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In Birches, discuss the lessons for living that one learns from swinging on birches. Explore the meaning of "not launching out to soon," not carrying the tree "clear to the ground," keeping one's "poise," and "climbing carefully." Consider how the subsequent comparison to the overfull cup attaches a metaphor to a symbol. Point out how Frost packs a tremendous amount of meaning into a few lines.

The lesson from living from swinging on birches is to not push your luck, to make life decisions while being cautious. Knowing the right risk to take and being reasonable in the right approach to those.

It means your planning things out perfectly. You are trying to get the highest you possibly can which requires having a perfect form, the better the timing and position the higher you can get.

The cup is like a quest where you must climb to the heavens to make yourself better.The brim represents the border between human world and heaven.When you go to the brim and a little over it without spilling over or falling you have made your self better and ascended into heaven. Fulfilling your life, you have got to stretch yourself to know what you can do.

He packed all of that meaning into those 3 lines, which were full of metaphors.

2. Find at least three examples of metaphor and onomatopoeia in the poem.

Swish. One by one he subdues his fathersí trees by riding them down over and over again. Soon the suns warmth makes them shed crystal shells shattering and avalanching in the snow. Click, cracks, lashed.

3. What are the two strong similes in the poem?

Years afterwards, trailing their leaves on the ground Like girls on hands and knees that throw their hair Before them over their heads to dry in the sun. And life is too much like a pathless wood.

4. How do the sounds of Frost's poems differ from the sound of any of Whitman's poems? Look in the archives to find Whitman's poems.

In frosts poems the sounds are more to give the poem a more influence on the reader to give the reader a bigger impact from the poem. They donít have the excess of imagery; he gives you the bare minimum, up to you to decipher it, have to take a little longer to really get the meaning.